First Presbyterian Church

Cordell, Oklahoma

About Us

First Presbyterian Church is a welcoming Christian community where we worship and serve God as revealed through Jesus Christ, experiencing and proclaiming God’s Word with reverence, relevance, openness, and joy.

We affirm faith in Jesus Christ who proclaimed the reign of God by preaching good news to the poor, binding up the broken-hearted and calling all to repent and believe the good news. It is Christ whose life and ministry form and discipline all we say and do.

Our mission is to proclaim and demonstrate to our community and to the world the goodness, love, mercy and presence of our God

  • through the living witness of our daily lives
  • through our reformed expression of worship and celebration
  • through the baptizing, teaching, and evangelism of our children and the whole community of adults
  • and through our dedication to the lifelong study of scripture and the proclamation of God’s Word as rooted in it.

Grounded in our reformed tradition, First Presbyterian Church strives to be a growth-oriented Christian community recognized for its spiritual vitality and for the relevance of its worship, service, and educational experiences.

We offer

  • Sunday worship
  • Sunday School
  • Pastoral Care
  • Women’s Bible Study
  • Youth Fellowship
  • Fellowship Dinners
  • Confirmation Classes
  • Share Groups
  • Special studies
  • Opportunities for service
  • Prayer
  • We treasure the richness of our faith expressions and traditions as we

Seek the will of God, affirming the

Lordship of Jesus Christ for all of life; Serve and care for those in need in our congregation and community; Witness to all and Welcome into membership and participation anyone who professes faith in Jesus Christ; Examine contemporary issues for new insights, informed by Scripture, our theological heritage, and the values and experiences of faith, encouraging Christian spiritual growth for all God’s people; Show respect for each other as we explore our similarities and differences.